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Inner Beast Power Bands Set

Double Layer Power bands set of 3.

Includes: 3 x Double Layer Power Bands - light, medium and heavy resistance.

This pack offers progressive resistance, perfect for strength , stability and conditioning exercise

Double layer bands are durable and great for a full body workout, they are versatile and provide a suitable and equivalent substitute for gym equipment with access to lower and upper body workouts and many other strength-building exercises.

Great for core strength and all round fitness.
Easy and portable to take with you wherever you go
Great for home use indoor and outdoor and for further stability training at the gym

What's in the bag:

1 x 12mm - 19kg max resistance - Light Power Resistance Band

1 x 19mm - 32kg max resistance  - Medium Power Resistance Band

1 x 29mm - 72kg max resistance - Heavy Power Resistance Band