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A common question is what are the side effects of this magic ingredients

There are NONE! Why?

Because its ability to lighten your skin is already its side-effect. Although It is advisable to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption for maximum benefit and results.

Glutathione is a 100% natural antioxidant, it has been used for decades in the sporting fraternity when it was realised that it was having a beneficial effect on athletes skin. This is when it broke into the beauty industry.

There are NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS of using Glutathione short or long term.

Although very uncommon, some people may experience cramping or bloating or have an allergic reaction which may result in a rash. Always consult with your Dr first regarding possible interactions with new oral treatments if you are taking any chronic medication.


GLUTA-PLEX capsules is 100% natural, all the ingredients in both supplements are naturally occurring including Glutathione which is produced by your body. There are NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS. Unlike other lightening products, ours do not contain any harmful substances such as lead, mercury or hydroquinone.

ILLUMINAR patches are also 100% natural hypoallergenic patches with NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS.