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How it works - ILLUMINAR

Glutathione Transdermal Patches
ILLUMINAR Transdermal Patches

How do ILLUMINAR patches lighten the skin?

ILLUMINAR patches lighten the skin by reducing the melanin formation of the epidermis going up into the dermis.

Glutathione is proven to revert the melanin’s metabolism turning dark pigmentation (eumelanin into light pigmentation (pheomelanin) inhabits and blocks tyrosinase , the enzyme responsible for the production of dark melanin pigment. The end product becomes pheomelanin (reddish – white pigmentation) instead of eumelanin (dark brow pigmentation). A continuous and consistent supply of glutathione through ILLUMINAR patches will result in skin lightening to your correct, natural skin shade. 

ILLUMINAR lightens the skin by reducing the melanin formation of the epidermis (lower skin layers) going up to the dermis (upper skin layer).

Skin brightening and lightening occurs when glutathione is taken in increased doses, by modifying conversion of eumelanin (dark/brown/yellow pigmentation) to pheomelanin (reddish / white pigmentation). In fact many dermatologists use glutathione as a skin whitener and it has been proven to be safe and very effective.

Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant and elevated dosages are very effective for skin lightening and pigmentation. It is an anti-oxidant that cleanses the liver, fights free radical damage and helps the brain too. It is safe for everyone.

It was discovered that patients on high dose Glutathione therapy had significant skin lightening as a side effect.

Transdermal patches have become a popular non-invasive treatment alternative for cosmetic purposes, to IV’s and injections.

Injectable Glutathione is given intravenously 2 – 3 times a week for about 6 – 12 months. The digestive tract is bypassed and the maximum concentration reaches the target cells, similar to patch administration.

ILLUMINAR offers the same results without the needles, the transdermal drug delivery method delivers Glutathione & Vitamin C directly into the bloodstream through the skin. A daily dose of ILLUMINAR assists in elevating Glutathione levels without any side effects.

Glutathione is also known for its anti-aging benefits, it lightens the skin by inhibiting Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of the pigment – melanin, without destroying the pigment producing cells known as Melanocytes.

ILLUMINAR Glutathione utilises Glutathione in conjunction with Vitamin C to maximise its lightening and brightening effect.