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Glutathione provides a range of scientifically proven health benefits as well as aesthetic results.

Known as the “mother of all antioxidants”, once your body reaches optimal Glutathione levels
(see more on how long to use), skin, hair, nails and physical well being will improve.

How Glutathione benefits your skin:

  1. Glutathione works from the inside out to repair and nourish skin
  2. Effectively lightens and whitens the entire body
  3. Gives your skin a radiant glow
  4. Refines the pores
  5. Helps to improve skin pigmentation 
  6. Helps smooth skin texture and clear blemishes, marks and scars
  7. Controls and prevents acne
  8. Helps slow the aging process, by delaying the formation of wrinkles and age spots
  9. Improves the overall health of your skin
  10. Improves health of nails and hair 
  11. Protects the skin from UV exposure
  12. Repairs damaged skim
  13. Reverses sunburn

Glutathione is critical to preserving cellular integrity, and is essential for optimal health. Glutathione is often called the “master antioxidant” and is essential for healthy immune function, the bodies detoxification processes.

Health Benefits of Glutathione

Other scientifically proven health benefits include:

  1. Glutathione Fights Oxidative Stress in the Body
  2. Reduces Inflammation
  3. Slows the aging process
  4. Relieves the effects of stress
  5. Strengthens the Immune System and fights infections
  6. Improves Quality of Sleep
  7. ImprovesEnergy levels 
  8. Detoxes the liver and cells
  9. Improves cognitive health and memory

Benefits of Glutathione for Athletes

The benefits of increasing glutathione levels for athletes is incomparable:

  1. Increases stamina and endurance
  2. Lessens muscle fatigue and exhaustion
  3. Improves cardiovascular function
  4. Reduces lactic acid
  5. Quickens recovery time
  6. Protects your body from injury
  7. Reduces muscle stress
  8. Decreases inflammation
  9. Feeds muscles
  10. Maintains muscle growth
  11. Noticeably improves athletic performance

How does Glutathione lighten the skin? The science behind the magic…

The more melanin produced by our bodies, the darker our skin colour. Glutathione targets the Tyrosinase enzyme which is responsible for dark melanin pigment production. Once this chemical is inhibited, the skin begins to gradually lighten. Glutathione is proven to revert the melanin’s metabolism turning dark pigmentation (eumelanin) into light pigmentation (pheomelanin). The end product becomes pheomelanin (reddish – white pigmentation) instead of eumelanin (dark brow pigmentation). Unlike whitening and bleaching creams that leave your face looking lighter than the rest of your body,

Recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily in the morning, at least 1 hour before meals. Glutathione is better absorbed by the body on an empty stomach and when taken with Vitamin C – for this reason, GLUTA-PLEX 2 is an optimal dose Vitamin C formulation so that you do not have to further supplement any more.

What are the side effects?

GLUTA-PLEX is 100% natural, all the ingredients in both supplements are naturally occurring including Glutathione which is produced by your body. There are NO KNOWN side effects. Unlike other skin brightening and perfecting products, ours does not contain any harmful substances such as lead, mercury or hydroquinone.