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GLUTA-PLEX - Gluttahione Capsules
1000mg L-Glutathione PLUS a separate Vitamin C Supplement
Optimal clinical doses for results

GLUTA-PLEX is an exclusive Skin Candy product that brings you the best and most powerful Glutathione supplement on the market. The only supplement available in the world that has 1000mg L-Glutathione PLUS a separate Vitamin C supplement. Clinically dosed with the optimal amount of the most important natural ingredients to support and encourage skin and health benefits. 

GLUTA-PLEX is a unique two supplement formulation that provide the highest, recommended dose of L- Glutathione (1000mg) together with the optimal amount of Vitamin C to aid absorption and increase efficacy of the supplement so that results can be seen and felt faster. 

How GLUTA-PLEX benefits the skin

  1. Glutathione works from the inside out to repair and nourish skin
  2. Effectively lightens and whitens the entire body
  3. Gives your skin a radiant glow
  4. Refines the pores
  5. Helps to improve and reduce pigmentation 
  6. Helps smooth skin texture, clear blemishes, marks and scars
  7. Controls and prevents acne and breakouts
  8. Helps slow the aging process, by delaying the formation of wrinkles and age spots
  9. Improves the overall health of your skin
  10. Improves health of nails and hair 
  11. Protects the skin from UV exposure
  12. Repairs damaged skin
  13. Reverses sunburn

How GLUTA-PLEX benefits your health

Glutathione is critical to preserving cellular integrity, and is essential for optimal health. Glutathione is often called the “master antioxidant” and is essential for healthy immune function, the bodies detoxification processes.

Other scientifically proven health benefits include:

  1. Glutathione Fights Oxidative Stress in the Body
  2. Reduces Inflammation
  3. Slows the aging process
  4. Relieves the effects of stress
  5. Strengthens the Immune System and fights infections
  6. Improves Quality of Sleep
  7. ImprovesEnergy levels 
  8. Detoxes the liver and cells
  9. Improves cognitive health and memory

Each GLUTA-PLEX pack contains:

GLUTA-PLEX i – 1500mg L-Glutathione Blend with 1000mg L-Glutathione and 500mg of a Proprietary blend of all the best natural ingredients for skin perfecting results.

GLUTA-PLEX ii – 1500mg Vitamin C Blend with 1350mg Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Pine Bark Extract. 

What makes GLUTA-PLEX better than the rest?

The optimal clinical recommended dosage of L-Glutathione for skin lightening and complexion perfecting is 1000mg of pure L-Glutathione per day. This needs to be taken with an equal or twice as much Vitamin C in order for it to render effective and stay in its reduced, usable form. 

Why is GLUTA-PLEX 2 separate supplements instead of just one?

The standard capsule size of one capsule manufactured in South Africa is 750mg, therefore the most one person can get from a 2 capsule serving per day is 1500mg of any ingredients or blends. It is not possible to fit the optimal clinical dose of each ingredient into ONE supplement. 

This is why Skin Candy formulated this unique TWO supplement blend that allows for an increased amount of ingredients, a formula designed to bring you the absolute best – the highest optimal clinical dose of all ingredients to encourage results.