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There are no known side effects.

All our products contain 100% natural ingredients, the main ones being L- Glutathione, Vitamin C, Pine Bark Extract and a few other handpicked safe and natural ingredients to ensure optimal results without any known side effects.

People have been taking Glutathione in various forms over the past 10 years and there have been no side effects recorded.

Glutathione products are taken for various reasons by different people. There are a number of benefits that onecan get from taking such a supplement. Each benefit has unique result time frames based on the user.

Skin Benefits Include:
a. Skin Lightening and brightening
b. Clearing blemishes, marks and scars
c. Preventing Acne
d. Reducing pigmentation and dark under-eye circles
e. Decreases wrinkles (anti-aging properties)

a. Skin Lightening treatment duration.
Based on current skin complexion, there are various factors that determine the treatment duration.

1. Current complexion
Medium brown skin: use for at least 3 months
Dark brown skin: use for 3 – 6 months
Dark skin: Use for 6 – 12 months
Very dark skin: May need to use for at least 2 years or more
2. Metabolism
Glutathione is absorbed uniquely by each individual as a result of their metabolism. Different metabolic rates can result in faster or slower results.

3. Absorption rate
Glutathione needs to be absorbed into your system in order to boost your levels and enhance results. We have assisted with this process by adding Vitamin C which enhances Glutathione absorption and Pine Bark extract which protects your skin from UV exposure and increases your Vitamin C absorption.

b. Clearing blemishes, marks, pigmentation and preventing acne
We have received reviews and testimonials from clients that they have seen results in their pigmentation, blemishes and marks clearing from as soon as 3 – 4 weeks into using the product.

The product prevents acne and heals acne scars by reducing inflammation, fighting infections and repairing the skin.

Other health benefits Include:
Increasing energy
Slowing down the aging process
Improving quality of sleep
Powerful antioxidant
Strengthening the immune system
Reducing cellular inflammation
Detoxifying the liver and cells
Improving mental focus and clarity
Enhancing athletic performance and boosting recovery

Depending on your reason for taking one of our Glutathione supplements or patches- the result time frame may speed up?
Depending on your desired results from the product. Health benefits such as increased energy levels, improved sleep quality, detoxification, improved skin health and overall feeling more healthy can be achieved far sooner than skin lightening.

Prices are all available on our store – you can also opt in to receive communications via WhatsApp if you send us a message showing interest in our products on 076 067 3393

How long each bottle will last you
Each bottle contains 60 capsules and will last one month (see recommended dosage)

Recommended Dosage:
Take 2 capsules per day, at least 30 min – 1 hour before meals.
Preferably on an empty stomach
Ensure you:
  • Wear a high SPF sunblock when you go out in the day (Recommend BIODERMA)
  • Do not take more than the recommended dosage
  • Drink suffiecient water and try stay away from fizzy, alcoholic and sugary drinks
  • Keep your diet clean
  • Wash your face with warm water and a good cleanser every morning and evening
  • Wash off all make-up before going to bed
There are no guarantees or refunds on our product.
(See question on Average duration of treatment – there are various factors that will determine when a person will/ can start seeing results.)
We have received many reviews and testimonials praising and recommending our products for all of its benefits including skin lightening and complexion perfecting.
Our products is recommended by Dermatologists and Aesthestic Doctors.
You can order via our online store on our website. Click here to visit our store and order online today. We can also be contacted via WhatsApp, phone or SMS on 076 067 3393 to receive orders.
Placing your order online:
Once we have received your order on our website and payment has been processed, we will dispatch within 24 hours and delivery to you within 2- 3 working days.
Placing your order via WhatsApp:
Once we have received your request to order we will send you further details on how to complete your order.
We have a flat rate of R100 for shipping nationwide, Monday – Friday on all South African orders.
If payment is received on a weekday your order will be dispatched within 24 working hours and will be delivered within the next 2 - 4 business days.
All results achieved while on the product are permanent.
Blemishes, marks, pigmentation and scars will remain gone and your skin will remain clear.
With regards to skin lightening – you will remain the shade you have achieved on the product, however you are not immune to getting sunburnt and can go shades darker if you spend time in the sun without necessary precautions i.e. sunblock and a hat.
We recommend that if you are planning a holiday or a lot of time in the sun you take your Glutathione product with to ensure adequate maintenance in keeping you at the shade you have become.


Our Bits are handmade in Somerset West, South Africa. Helping to build the South African green economy Bit by Bit.

GLUTA-PLEX from the GLUTAGOLD Collectionis an Exclusive Skin Candy range that brings you the best and most powerful Glutathione supplement on the market. It is the only supplement available in the world that has 1000mg L-Glutathione and a separate Vitamin C capsule to support its skin and health benefits.

GLUTA-PLEX i and ii – are a unique two supplement formulation that provide the highest, recommended dosage of L- Glutathione together with the optimal amount of Vitamin C to aid absorption and increase efficacy of the supplement so that results can be seen and felt faster.

The GLUTAGOLD Collection contains:
GLUTA-PLEX i – 1500mg L-Glutathione Blend with 1000mg L-Glutathione and 500mg of a Proprietary blend of all the best natural ingredients.
GLUTA-PLEX ii – 1500mg Vitamin C Blend with 1400mg Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid with Pine Bark Extract.

The standard capsule size manufactured worldwide is 750mg per capsule, which means the highest possible dosage you can get from a 2 capsule serving size is 1500mg.

The optimal dose of L- Glutathione when taken orally is 1000mg and this needs to becombined with other amono acids i.e. Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and L-Cysteine in order to be absorbed effectively into your blood stream.

In addition to this – Vitamin C plays a vital role in the absorption of Glutathione when taken orally and it should be almost double the dose of the Glutathione to have the skin health benefits that most people use it for.

For this reason, a 2 supplement formulation is designed to provide the optimal dose of allimportant ingredients without compromising the amount of any single ingredient becauseof the limitations of the capsule size.

  • First of its kind, unique two supplement formulation
  • ONLY 3000mg blend available contains: GLUTA-PLEX i – 1500mg Glutathione Blend with 1000mg L-Glutathione and 500mg of other important brightening ingredients GLUTA-PLEX ii – 1500mg Vitamin C blend with 1400mg Vitamin C
  • The ONLY 1000mg Pure L-Glutathione product on the market
  • Separate 1500mg Vitamin C blend supplement to boost absorption
  • Pine Bark Extract protects skin from UV exposure
  • Works faster and more effectively than any Glutathione supplement
  • Optimal dose of Glutathione for skin benefits
  • Natural Ingredients, Vegetarian Capsules
  • NO Side effects
  • Targets dark under-eye circles
  • Gives you a flawless, even tone complexion
  • Effectively lightens skin, literally shades lighter
  • Clears all marks and blemishes
  • Diminishes the visibility of pigmentation and dark patches
  • Clears acne and pimples
  • Clears sunburn and sun damaged skin
  • For males and females and improved formula designed to perfect the skin


GLUTA-PLEX is a pack that contains GLUTA-PLEX i and GLUTA-PLEX ii with 60 capsules in each bottle.

Dosage: Take 2 capsules from each bottle per day, in the morning before meals
4 capsules in total per day

Warnings: If you experience any adverse reaction, discontinue use imemdiatley
For people with chronic medical conditions, consult your Dr before use.

GLUTA-PLEX contains 60 capsules in each bottle, it is recommeneded to take 2 capsules from each bottle per day

Each pack of GLUTA-PLEX will last 30 days, if taken in the recommended dosage.

The safety of taking any Glutathione supplement has not been established during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED that you take it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.