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About Us

Skin Candy was born 5 years ago, shortly after my first pregnancy
and the birth of my first son, my previously youthful skin had turned
dull and the dreaded “pigmentation” started to appear on my cheeks.
I looked everywhere for a natural product that would target and treat
the cause of these new skin developments.

My path lead me to Glutathione, but I found that all the current
products on the market were expensive and according to extensive
research, didn’t contain the optimal doses or have the correct
ratios of other ingredients to provide an effective result.

Partnering up with a pharmaceutical laboratory, Skin Candy was able
to formulate skin care products with optimal clinical doses, other important
skin perfecting ingredients and extend this into topical, transdermal
and oral treatments.

Skin Candy was founded to give everyone the confidence that comes
with great skin by committing to bringing only the best natural,
clinical skincare available that shows real results.
Skin Candy is all about flawless skin from within,
our intent is to target the underlying cause
of any skin concern from its core (as most skin issues
are a result of something happening inside your body)
and give your skin a radiant, flawless glow that
you can be proud to show off.
Start your journey to flawless skin with us today, you won’t regret it!

Skin Candy has a truly special story, driven by passion and vision to bring confidence and self-worth to all our clients by providing professional and natural skin care solutions. 

It all began when our Founder, Raeesa – went through some big changes in her life and saw her skin go from youthful to tired, damaged and pigmented. As a woman we all go through big changes – from child birth and stress to motherhood and work life to menopause and the aging process that “obviously” speeds up after you have your first baby. But we believe that this is no reason for you to have to lose your flawless, radiant glow. Because we deserve to look flawless despite of all that we do and go through!

For this reason we continuously research, develop and evolve, making sure we always bring the best natural products to our clients.

As a proudly South African company, all our products are manufactured and/or packaged in South Africa.

Skin Candy is dedicated to providing 100% natural products that help our customers achieve their health and skin goals during the course of using our products. We continue to research and improve our formulas and product lines so that you can see and feel results faster. 

All our products provide results however timelines cannot be guaranteed, due to the completely natural formulation of all product lines, absorption rates and metabolism are unique per user and therefore result timelines vary. 

Noticeable results can be expected by 3 – 6 months, however some clients do see results within the first month of use.  

We aim to bring you the best, most effective and safe products. And only provide results and reviews from real clients and customers.  

We guarentee delivery within 3 working days of placing your order.