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Marine Collagen – The Beauty Collagen

Marine Collagen – The Beauty Collagen

The demand for marine collagen supplements is growing fast. Countless market reports cite marine collagen studies, i.e., marine collagen India, the best marine collagen UK, marine collagen South Africa, etc., & claim that marine collagen benefits the skin.

What's the Difference between Marine & Bovine Collagen?

First, marine collagen supplements are sourced from marine life. You do not have to worry if the consumption of a marine collagen powder may violate your lifestyle choices or religious beliefs. Hindus avoid cow products, Muslims avoid pork products & vegans may avoid both. But it is possible that some users in each demographic may explore marine collagen while doubting bovine collagen.

Second, marine or bovine may also depend on your budget. Marine is higher priced & manufacturers have developed many additional qualities in marine products to justify their pricing. Under prolonged use, it becomes clear upon comparing outcomes of grass-fed vs. marine collagen, marine collagen is better than bovine collagen.


Marine Collagen Powder South Africa market:

Currently, marine collagen for skin is in. Hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides have also grown with growing self-awareness among customers. Self-isolation, lockdown & quarantines have made people understand their skincare needs.

It isn't surprising that people inquire about the balance between cosmetics & diet or the marine collagen vs. bone broth debate. If you are starting out with exploring the best marine collagen peptides, it is prudent to go for widely popular brands first. A name that immediately comes to mind is the Amandean Premium anti-aging marine collagen powder. This product is also available in bovine, so you must verify that you are trying the marine collagen made from wild-caught Icelandic cod. It is GMO-free & unflavored, making for a healthy addition to the diet. Popular brands include - Skin Candy Marina  which contains 7000mg Pure Marine Collagen

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